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Monday, May 8, 2017

Pleiades: Seven Sisters

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"Atlas - The father of the Hyades* and Pleiades, who was condemned to support the weight of the heavens on his head and hands. Titan bearing up the Heavens. The Endurer. Believed by some mythologists to be the originator of the constellations. Others believe it was Chiron (Centaurus).

*Hyades=the Pleiadian Brothers whose mother was Æthra (`bright sky'; a different Æthra than the mother of Theseus).

Plein - (Pleione, the mother), means `to sail', making Pleione `sailing queen' and her daughters `sailing ones.' (Pleione Orchid, right)

Alcyone - Seduced by Poseidon. The Central One. The Hen. (aka Halcyone `queen who wards off evil [storms]' -)

Asterope (Sterope) - Raped by Aries and gave birth to Oenomaus, king of Pisa. (left)  `lightning', `twinkling', `sun-face', `stubborn-face' (Indo-European ster-, `star', `stellar', `asterisk', etc.) -Asterië (`of the starry sky' or `of the sun'), 

Celæno - Seduced by Poseidon. Was said to be struck by lightning. (right) `swarthy' - Had sons Lycus (``wolf'') and Chimærus (``he-goat'') by Prometheus.

Electra - Seduced by Zeus and gave birth to Dardanus, founder of Troy. (see statue, right) `amber', `shining', `bright' (Indo-European wleik-, `to flow, run', as a liquid); electrum is an alloy of silver and gold, and means amber in Latin, as does the Greek elektron; Thales of Miletus noted in 600 BC that a rubbed piece of amber will attract bits of straw, a manifestation of the effects of static electricity (outer charge stripping via friction), and perhaps the origin of the modern term -

Maia - Eldest and most beautiful of the sisters. Seduced by Zeus and gave birth to Hermes. Later became foster-mother to Arcas, son of Zeus and Callisto, during the period while Callisto was a bear, she and Arcas were placed in the heavens by Zeus (she as Ursa Major, Arcas Ursa Minor). - `grandmother', `mother', `nurse'; `the great one' (Latin) -

Merope - The missing one or Lost Pleiades. This is the seventh of the sisters. She alone, married a mortal man; Sisyphus, and she repents of it, she hid her face in shame at being the only one not married to a god and from shame at the deed, she alone of the sisters hides herself in the sky (there is some dispute over whether it is Merope or Electra that hides herself, i.e. the star does not shine). Her husband, Sisyphus, son of Æolus, grandson of Deucalion (the Greek Noah), and great-grandson of Prometheus. Sisyphus - Merope's husband - founded the city of Ephyre (Corinth) and later revealed Zeus's rape of Ægina to her father Asopus (a river), for which Zeus condemned him to roll a huge stone up a hill in Hades, only to have it roll back down each time the task was nearly done.  `eloquent', `bee-eater', `mortal' -

Taygete/a - This is the sister who consecrated to Artemis the Cerynitian Hind with the golden horns that Heracles (3rd labor) had to fetch. Seduced by Zeus and gave birth to Lacedæmon, founder of Sparta." tanygennetos, `long-necked' -


Sunday, May 7, 2017


I'm looking into the history of Maldek.

"There are conflicting theories as to the matter of the date when the Planet Maldek could have been destroyed. Some people have proposed that the accident occurred 18 million years ago. Whether right or wrong, it seems that this is a speculation on the basis of a statement by the Theosopher H. P. Blavatsky in her ‘Secret Doctrine’ (1888) that the Silent Watcher, Lord Sanat Kumara, was assigned to direct the ‘occult evolution’ of mankind, and came to Earth from Venus, 18 million years ago.

Channeled 'Ascension' Material

"Scores of books were written in the late twentieth-century's Ascension movement. This movement has the premise that humans are approaching a new phase in evolution that involves a transformation in human consciousness, one that will reconnect us with ABs and dimensions of existence higher than our 3-D world. Many of these books comprise messages from various 'ascended masters,' beings no longer incarnate who have in different ways already ascended to that next level. This cosmology starts with the assumption of ABs as being 'way showers' for humans; they provide humans with advice and moral support on their journey.

What Regression Hypnosis Reveals



"Theosophy, a philosophy grounded in metaphysical materials transmitted by ABs through H. P. Blavatsky in the late nineteenth century, holds that humans have gone through several physical forms on Earth. According to Blavatsky, humanity in its second (Lemurian) and third (Atlantean) stages of civilization benefited from recurrent visits by the 'gods.' Theosophists believe that in the middle of the Lemurian era (14 to 16 million years ago) external forces (ABs) helped our evolving ancestors come into full physical form. (It is interesting to note that the earliest date attributed to fossils of proto-Ramapithecus by some paleoanthropologists is 14 million years ago.) Regarding the Atlantean era, theosophy implies humans received outside help in 'the use of fire, the building of cities, and the development of metallurgy.'"

AB=Advanced Beings

Disclaimer: please view this material as exploratory, even metaphoric, if you like.

Get your chart here. If you have your Sun or any planet within two degrees of this fixed star it indicates some affinity. Affinity means possibly that you are from that starseed constellation/star or you incarnated through a star gate there. It may also mean that you have had some other influence from that star system or related karma. You can also look up what certain specific conjunction mean or order an interpretation report from several sources. Other placements and interpretations.

Anunnaki, Niburu, Sirius A

Mayans: Pleiadians, Dogons, Sirius

Anthroposophy: root races and earth epochs

Steiner is known for creating Waldorf schools in addition to Anthroposophy and his use of the four Greek Humors or Temperaments.

Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution

"Amorah Quan Yin (1950-2013) was a natural healer and psychic since birth, and as a child was gifted with clairvoyance and clairaudience. A personal health crisis in later years led her to a path of holistic living, spiritual awakening, and sharing her gifts with others. Amorah was well known and respected as a healer, seer, and teacher based in her beloved Mt. Shasta, California."
Dolphin Star Temple

Monday, May 1, 2017

Fixed Stars