Royal Star: Regulus

ROYAL STARS: "In Astrology, the Royal Stars of Persia were regarded as the guardians of the sky in approximately 3000 BCE during the time of the Ancient Persians in the area of modern day Iran.The Persians believed that the sky was divided into four districts with each district being guarded by one of the four Royal Stars." wikipedia
"Four stars in particular have always been prominent in astrology. These are the four Royal stars also known as the four Archangels, namely Alderbaran(heart of the Bull), Regulus(heart of the Lion), Antares(heart of the Scorpion), and Fomalhaut(heart of the Man). All four were in the fixed signs(tropical Zodiac) untill some 700 years ago when they started going into the mutable signs."

Seal of Regulus


Royal Star Regulus: Sun

Sabian Symbol: a Mermaid
Crystal: Aqua Aura

LEO 29

"Regulus 29 degrees Leo - (the star of kings) known as being the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo, it is the most important of these four. The healing Archangel Raphael, the Watcher of the North. Certainly, in Royal nativity's, Regulus is very important, regarded almost as a planet itself.

"Regulas is at 29 degrees of Leo, and his meaning is one of fame, success, honor, and wealth. He corresponds to the Archangel Raphael, and his placement in your chart shows you where you can expect to succeed and accomplish all your goals. In a prominent part of your chart, conjunct to your first house of self or your tenth house of career, it can show great fame coming to you through your professional life."

Royal Star Regulus (in Leo): "Known as the "Kingmaker," a triple star associated with royalty and high position, ambition, power, fame, dignity and courage. Indicates one who can be trusted and reliable, wise, understanding, kind and intelligent leadership. Can be arrogant, self-absorbed, demanding, revengeful.

Regulus is the faintest of the first-magnitude stars brilliance but certainly not of importance. It is in the constellation of Leo. Regulus means "Little King" but also called Cor Leonis, or "The Heart of the Lion." It was one of the Royal Stars of Persia, where it marked the Summer Solstice. It has the nature of Jupiter with added influence of Mars. Seems to raise people to great heights of power but it does not necessarily make these positions permanent. "


"Regulus is a beautiful place. It is the star home of the celestial fae, and the mystical creatures who no longer have a place here... 79 light years from here, there is a little star system, A Spectroscopic Star system, it has 4 stars as it's main energy source. The beings here are jam packed, full of magical, mystical teachings and abilities. A lot of the souls in Regulus are those who once fairies, elementals, mermaids, Unicorns and other creatures, but died away due to the lack of belief. Like the neverending story, when fantasia lost itself to the nothing, these beings went through the same during earth's dark ages, when they said those stories of old, were nothing more than tales of evil." Read more by: Angel Alura Cein

Disclaimer: please view this material as exploratory, even metaphoric, if you like.

Jane Rekas

Jane Leu Rekas is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master and an astrology blogger at Astrological Counsel.

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