sketch by Jane, inspired by Piperon

From Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology 
by Vivian E. Robson

Aldebaran, "The Eye of Illumination"


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Royal Star Aldebaran: "The right eye of the bull. Associated with extremes. Hallmarks of curiousity, keen intellect, vision and tremendous energy; positive energies are concentrated for power, achievement, honor, recognition, and wealth, while negative tendency to be too scattered. Aldebaran is a pale rose star at 9 Gemini 06. It is the very bright eye of Taurus the Bull and was called "The Beacon" and means "The One Who Folows [The Pleiades]." One of the most important of the fixed stars to us. Known as "The Watcher of the East," for it's marked place of the vernal equinox. Related to Mars in the nature of the influence it exerts."

Kindle book: Aldebaran: Planets of the Extraterrestrial Beings of Light

Aldebaran, in Taurus
Observe & Guide
descendants from Lyra


"Aldebaran is "also called Ashtari, and Alpha Tauri, the planet of the Annukai.*  It is the brightest star in the Hyades; a giant red star in the constellation of Taurus; one of the 15 brightest stars with a visual magnitude of 0.85. Its diameter is 44 times that of the Sun."

*"...Aldebaran's aliens are not the Annukai, but an offspring of the Annukai..."

"Aldebaran was nicknamed 'The Follower' since it rises after the Pleiades cluster of stars."

Aldebaran is known as Rohoni by the Hindu Masters, the Eye of the Universe by the Phoenicians, one of the four Royal Stars by the Persians, the guiding light in the Book of Chaldea, the Eye of Il "El" (God) by early Hebrews, the Star of Buddha by numerous Buddhist monks, the realm of Mounawiriin (realm of The Enlightened Ones) by the Rouhaniyiin, the passage to heaven by early Akkadians, the name for Ashtari by Arabs."

"Aldebaran: Some of these Humanoid aliens are Hitler's supporters, want a Nazi Super Race in their image. Today are said to be working from Antarctica and have plans of a 4th Reich where there wont be mistakes of the 3rd Reich!"  See post

"Aldebaran is an orange giant star which is located about 65 light years away in the constellation of Taurus. There are two ET species living in the Aldebaran star system. All two races are humanoid. The first race is eighth dimensional, they have grey or purple translucent glowing skin, with either black or blue hair. Their eyes are either purple or blue. The women range in height from 6'8 to 7'0 tall and the men go up to 8'0 tall. This race has the ability of siren song and their voices are hypnotic so they can hypnotize people by creating mind suggestions.

Aldebaran life span is 500 - 2000 years, the Aldebarans are descendant from the Lyra system. The Aldebaran agenda is to observe and guide other species on their evolutionary path. Aldebarans are a neutral species who explore various galaxies out in space. The shapes of the Aldebaran ships are round and cube.

The second Aldebaran species is aquatic with greenish/blue skin, and green or blue eyes. They are tenth dimensional and can go in height up to 14 feet tall. This species also has the ability of the siren song and they are deep sea divers so they can live under water for long periods of time, they have underwater cities on their planets.

Akura is a wisdom keeper who helps beings who experience the energetic dimensional phasing in and phasing out of the ascension process where the individual travels to multiple dimensions at the same time like from 3D, 5D, 8D, and back to the lower dimension, or if the being is getting upgrades or downloads and some parts of their body starts pulsing in a painful way, as well they may get a headache, Akura will give advice on which vibrational mantras to use in order to lessen the symptoms of the ascension process if it is painful or uncomfortable. One of her mantra’s is "Release and let go for upgrades to Flow". This mantra really works to make the uploads and downloads of the light codes a smooth process into the human body which is evolving right now into its crystalline essence as a molecular state."
Seal of Aldebaran

Magical Correspondences

"Description: The planet having an axis inclination of about 5 degrees, which allows a if the seasonal variasjon.Klimaet is substantially warmer than the Jorden.Temperaturen is about 22 degrees Celsisus in gjenommsnitt.Det several cities and spaceport on the planet (also under water) .Planeten is populated by people who migrated from Vega systemet.Den was populated before the exodus to Pleiadene.Innbyggerne looks like Earth's people, but not with such great variety in appearance types of Jorden.Sett with earthly eyes look very pretty ut.De has a higher average elevation than people on Jorden.Normalhøyden is about 1.90 meters. The planet has sent several expeditions to Earth throughout history. It is not war and distress planeten.Innbyggerne liver in 80% harmony with the cosmic laws and the 3 prinsipper.Ashtar command has two important bases here. They lie under vannet.Planeten is one of the two that were mentioned in Gert's video about UFO technology in conjunction with the other verdenskrig.Vril group received information herfra.Hensikten was however good set of planet page. After the outbreak of World War II Informations sent from here to Vrilgruppen in Germany limited.They was when a secret group on the planet who continued to send information in violation of hensikten.Det central medium in Vril group was innkarnert here."
Disclaimer: please view this material as exploratory, even metaphoric, if you like.

Jane Leu Rekas

Jane Leu Rekas is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master and an astrology blogger at Astrological Counsel.

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